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austintxsub asked: Do you have a lot of experience with enforced chastity? If so, have you found that the chastity device induces submissive feelings in a male, or rather is the chastity device a good tool for allowing the expression of pre-existing submissive feelings?


Hey, good evening and thank you for your question.

Though I’ve not played with anyone inclined towards this kink myself, as I understand from anecdotal evidence it really depends on the individual. For the guys I am thinking of I’m 99% certain they are prone to sub by feelings even without being under lock and key. Chastity is an expression of this and can heighten the sensation. 

I highly recommend you check out the following blogs/forums that know far more than I do on this subject;

Good luck and happy reading. 


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stormyforecast asked: I saw your post about examining where your kinks come from, where do you believe your kinks come from?



Thanks for your question. Obviously, my answer can only apply to my own projections and experiences about my sexuality. Everyone is different and I’m not speaking for all women here. I hope that would be obvious, but hey,  you never know if people might misconstrue my words. Below is my response. My really, really long response. 

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I think questioning where your kinks come from and how you can better assimilate them into a healthy, safe and mutually respectful relationship with another person is a very healthy thing. 

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